Pride Flag Decals

Pride Flag Decals

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**These decals will fit most long tips, but not all. If wanting them for long or extra long nail tips, I recommend purchasing the 12pc water slide decals.**

🖤What You’ll Need🖤

- Scissors

- Warm bowl of water

- Paper Towel

- Tweezers

- Top Coat


1. Cut and shape the decals to desired length and size. If applying on a nail tip, be sure to leave room for the decal to hang over the edges so that the entire nail is covered.

2. Buff and prep the natural nail or the nail tip and apply base coat.

3. Grab the bowl of warm water and drop the decal with the design FACING DOWNWARD. Wait at least 20 seconds before grabbing your tweezers and removing the decal out of the water.

4. Lightly dab the decal on a paper towel. Once the decal is dry, slowly peel the design off, working very slowly so as not to rip the decal.

5. Apply the decal on the nail or nail tip, being sure the smooth out the edges.

6. File any excess decal hanging off the nail or tip.

7 Seal with top coal and you’re done!