Lucky Charm

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**Although one style is shown, this design can come is various sizes. Keep in mind that altering the shape of the nail may also alter the design a bit. Sets are handmade as they are ordered, so colors and designs may differ slightly based on the photographs show.**

🖤Set includes🖤
- 10 press on nails
- Cuticle Stick
- Alcohol Wipes
- Nail File
- Mini Buffer
- Nail Glue
- Application & removal instructions


Not sure what size to get? Not a problem! Measuring your nails is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What you’ll need:

- Clear scotch tape
- Marker
- Ruler/measuring tape
- Paper

First, place the tape on top of your nail. Mark the edges where your nails meet the skin. Next, remove the tape and place it on top of a ruler or measuring tape. Align it to where it reads millimeters and jot down your measurements on a piece of paper. Be sure to do this for all 10 nails. Once you have your measurements down, compare them to the sizing chart and you should have your size!