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Let's see, where to begin...

Presley Nails was founded by military wife and mom, Pricilla Montgomery. Despite growing up a tomboy, Pricilla loved to get her nails done as often as she could (and afford). However, like many women who see the luxurious designs on Pinterest that often can't be replicated at the salon, Pricilla decided to take a crack at doing her own nails to save a bit of money and actually get the designs she wanted. (Boy was she in for a rude awakening!)

After devouring every single tutorial on YouTube she could find, Pricilla decided to whip out her credit card (much to her husband's chagrin) and purchase the necessary tools to start doing her own acrylic nails. The first set was, to say the least, disastrous. Nevertheless, Pricilla continued to practice, practice, practice. Two years down the line and after spending an ungodly amount of money on gel polishes, tips, glitters, and nail charms, Pricilla was finally getting the hang of creating cute designs that she would show off at work, her social media, the grocery store - pretty much anywhere. The compliments and requests she received really pushed her to wanting to start making her own designs for other people. So she whipped out her credit card again (what her husband doesn't know won't hurt him) and got the necessary tools to start her own business. 

And here we are! 

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